To establish a foundation in the technique, we recommend four private, one-on-one sessions before going into a group class. This allows us to tailor a program to suit your needs. Incoming clients will receive a discounted rate on their first four private sessions.

Starter Package

Starter Package — 4 Private Sessions $180 ($45/session)

A starter package is required before beginning any group class and is available to incoming clients only.





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Private Sessions

Single Private Session


Package of 8 private sessions

$560 ($70/session)

Package of 16 private sessions

$1,040 ($65/session)

*If purchasing online, please call us to schedule your appointment at 818.559.7259.


Mat Classes

(includes Mat, Mini-Tramp, Total Barre and Zumba Classes)

Single Mat Class


Package of 8 mat classes

$144 ($18/class)

Package of 16 mat classes

$240 ($15/class)



Semi-Private Session

$50 (per client)

Package of 8 semi-private sessions

$360 ($45 per client/session)

Package of 16 semi-private sessions

$640 ($40 per client/session)

*If purchasing online, please call us to schedule your appointment at 818.559.7259.
Please note we do not pair clients for semi-privates.


Group Equipment Classes

(includes Cardio Reformer, Power Reformer, Reformer, Circuit, 20/20/20, and Zen Reformer)

Single Equipment Class


Package of 8 group classes

$240 ($30/class)

Package of 16 group classes

$400 ($25/class)


Unlimited Monthly Membership

(includes Mat and Group Equipment Classes)

Unlimited Monthly Membership



workout attire

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing (may be loose fitting but not bulky). Shoes should not be worn as they are restrictive.



Because some of our clients suffer from environmental allergies, we request that you refrain from using fragrances or hairspray in our facility. Thank you.